Welcome to the Natural Step website

Discover a world of footwear that is a long way from anything you have seen before. We would ask you to take a few minutes to have a good look through the difference sections of our website. It wonít take too long, but we are sure that by browsing through, you will discover a different take on what you thought you knew about shoes. We will show you how seriously we take the ongoing improvement of our products through ensuring the sustainability of our planet's natural resources, combined with our humble aim of raising awareness of this through the evidence that environmentally-sound industry is both possible and entirely viable. We hope you like what you find here.

Natural Step

Natural Step was born as an alternative choice, a response to a growing and increasingly necessary demand for an ecologically sound, environmentally respectful product that uses sustainable resources and that prioritises nature above and beyond anything else. This is the essence of the brand. It is also our most sincere global commitment to the environment, to our planet and to its natural resources. Always thinking of the future. We know itís right. Let us show you why.

Who we are

We are different. Our philosophy is based on an entirely different concept of business. We are one big family, producing footwear with a unique focus. We are manufacturers with vast footwear experience and know-how gained over many years. We have a symbiotic relationship with our natural environment, in which we are fully immersed, and we have a firm conviction that we must take action once and for all. Read more

What we do

We take natural steps, manufacturing footwear that is natural, comfortable and long-lasting. Our designs are based around a style of fashion that is less aggressive and slower to change than the usual high-turnover fashion that abounds these days, but that is still up to date and modern thanks to the technology we use to make our shoes and the easy-to-wear nature of the designs and finished products. Our shoes are stamped with the character and personality of a brand that is expanding rapidly thanks to the loyalty of our customers.See our product. We make shoes that are good for you and good for the planet.